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Kimberly McKenney

Kimberly McKenney instructs the following:
  • Yin (Non-Heated)
  • In this Yin Yoga class, the approach is with a mental focus and is much deeper than Yang like practices. Often called "The Yin Within", Yin Yoga removes the blockages deep in our connective tissues, allowing the Chi and Prana to flow unhindered. To get the energy moving in Yin Yoga, we can use various techniques and postures. By remaining in the postures longer(several minutes), we allow ourselves to breathe into each pose while the body relaxes deeper into stillness obtaining full surrender. We will also focus on being in the present moment and releasing the mind from everyday chatter and over thinking, creating space to just be who you truly are.
    Temperature: 80 degrees
    Recommended: Mat, optional (yoga towel, water)

  • Restorative Yin with Pamana (Non-Heated)
  • Take a different perspective in your Yoga practice by changing the relationship of your body towards the floor. Pamana, means a gift to receive, is an innovative way to practice active postures in a dynamic restorative perspective, engaging subtle muscles and finding relaxation at the same time. Room is non-heated. Props will be used and Pamana adjustments will be done in class.
    Temperature: 80 degrees
    Recommended: yoga mat, optional (yoga towel,water)

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