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Taylor Berg

Taylor Berg instructs the following:
  • Hot Pilates
    A great way to relieve muscle soreness and build muscle at the same time.  This class uses the technique of traditional mat pilates and the intensity of cardio intervals to create a whole body work out.  This class is designed for all levels. 
    Temperature: 95 Degrees, 40% Humidity
    Recommended: Yoga Mat, Yoga Towel, Water

  • Core HIIT Pilates (Non-Heated)

  • Booty Pilates (Heated)
  • Looking to improve the booty! We have one for you now. It will help reshape your glutes and abs in this amazing 1 hour class. Be prepared to find a new edge as we focus on your powerhouse.  This Format will include weights, bands, balls, and blocks just depending upon what the instructor will be doing that day.....
    Semi Heated means it will be around 93-95 degrees with 40% Humidity. 
    Bring a mat, towel, water, and a smile. 

  • Hot Pilates

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