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Stacy Lara

Stacy Lara instructs the following:
  • Hot Pilates
  • 95 degrees 
    40% humidity
    Balls, Bands and Blocks are used in this class to assist in creating proper form and to intensify certain exercises.  This class uses the technique of traditional mat pilates and the intensity of cardio intervals to create a whole body work out.  This class is designed for all levels. 
    Bring a yoga mat, water, and a mat towel (if desired). Be prepared to SWEAT.

  • Love Barre (Non-Heated)
  • Ballet-inspired fitness in a non-heated room. A full cardio workout that works the whole body, arms, hips, legs, and abs!  This class works your fine stabilizing muscles and is an excellent cross trainer for other movement arts! 

  • Hot Body Sculpt
  • A high-energy all levels fitness class designed for the absolute beginner and most advanced student. A mixed class of cardio HIIT [High-intensity interval training] and sculpting for the entire body!
    The room is kept at 85-90 degrees and 40% humidity.
    Bring a yoga mat, towel, water, and a SMILE! :)

  • Pilates (Non-Heated)

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