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Laya-Kate Rasmussen

Laya-Kate Rasmussen instructs the following:
  • Aerial Yoga ($5 for Non-Members)
  • ***Please take off all jewelry that might snag on the silks**
    In this karma-class, the instructor will guide you through grounding yoga asanas while elevated in the aerial silk hammock. Take an hour to unwind and relieve stress throughout the body.
    Karma Class is open to those that might not have a membership. 
    No experience is necessary for this class, just bring an open mind, heart, and a yoga mat for underneath your hammock.

  • Meditative Yin ($5 Cash Donation for Members & Non-Members)
  • This is a karma class taught by Kari Whiteaker, who is an Usui Reiki Master, Intuitive Empath, Chakra Energy Specialist, Meditation Specialist, and Sound Healer.
    In Meditative Yin Yoga, the approach is with a mental focus and is much deeper than Yang like practices. Often called "The Yin Within", Meditative Yin Yoga removes the blockages deep in our connective tissues, allowing the Chi or Prana to flow unhindered. To get the energy moving in Yin Yoga, we can use various techniques. By remaining in the postures longer, we allow ourselves to breathe into each pose which allows the body to relax deeper into stillness. We will also focus on being in the present moment and quieting the mind from everyday chatter and over thinking, creating space to just be who you truly are. At least a $5 cash donation based class for members and non members.
    Temperature: 80 degrees
    Recommended: yoga mat, optional ( yoga towel, water)

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