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Laya-Kate Rasmussen

Laya-Kate Rasmussen instructs the following:
  • Aerial Yoga ($5 for Non-Members)
  • This community class is led by a certified instructor, with a recommended donation of $5 minimum by all students, with a mandatory $5 for non-members. This class is level 1 and open to all students with no experience required. Learn how to enjoy yoga with the addition of a silk yoga hammock. Bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes without zippers or metal that could catch on the fabric.

  • Love Set (Heated)
  • This therapeutically sequenced class is set to 100-105 degrees, and 40 percent humidity. Students will enjoy a smart way of practicing Yoga. 
    Benefits include: strength increase, toned muscles, general sense of well being (physical and psychological) improved flexibility, increased mental clarity, detoxification (through sweating) alleviating many ailments such as stress, muscular pain, arthritis, insomnia, with the potential for weight loss.
    This class is encouraged for mixed level, and suited to any body type or practice level.
    Bring your own mat or rent one in the studio! A small bottle of water is recommended.

  • Restorative Aerial Yoga ($5 for non-members)
  • In this karma-class, the instructor will guide you through grounding yoga asanas while elevated in the aerial silk hammock. Take an hour to unwind and relieve stress throughout the body.
    Karma classes are taught for donations by instructors who love to teach! Leave a tip in their box near the front door or with the front desk to show your support.
    No experience is necessary for this class, just bring an open mind, heart, and a yoga mat for underneath your hammock.

  • Aerial Yoga Level 2 ($5 for Non-Members)
  • Students will use the fabric, an aerial silk hammock, to modify and deepen traditional yoga postures, even learning to be completely lifted off the mat while in the hammock!
    This class is accessible to any student, whether they are new to yoga, aerial, or both.
    You will need a yoga mat for this class.
    Community classes are donation based classes, open to anyone. A $5-10 cash donation in suggested.
    There are 18 spots in the aerial class, pre-registration is highly recommended.

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