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Joe Small

Joe Small instructs the following:
  • Barefoot Bootcamp (Heated)
  • Using traditional and not so traditional kettlebell drills combined with high intensity interval training to build on your fitness foundation, this class is designed to introduce you to functional movement training and weight baring exercise. This class is designed to introduce you to full functional movement Kettlebells, bands, dumbbells, dyna-balls, blue balls and blocks. Always changing so it change your mind and body faster.
    Temperature: 90-95 degrees
    40% humidity
    Required:Yoga Mat, Yoga Towel, Water

  • TRX Bootcamp
  • Combinations of everything we have to have a grand time. This fitness class is meant shock the system with a variety  of exercise with all the equipment. Each time its different depending on what the instructor has for you. TRX dumbbells, dyna-balls, battleropes, bands, and more.
    Temperature: 75-80 degrees 
    Recommended: towel and water

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