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Eric Jeffers

Eric Jeffers instructs the following:
  • Gentle Flow / Yin Yoga
  • This gentle flow class incorporates easy movements to bring relaxation to the body. Build greater awareness to your alignment and take it slow. Split between this slower paced vinyasa and Yin holds your body and mind will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the day.

  • All Levels Vinyasa Flow (Non-Heated)
  • Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic flowing yoga practice. Vinyasa literally translates to breath-synchronized movement and it is cardiovascular by nature. You will be guided to move and flow connecting the postures together with the breath to create a dance-like sequence or as some have called it, a “moving meditation.”
    Bring a yoga mat and water (if desired).

  • Yin (Non-Heated)
  • Take a different perspective in your Yoga practice by changing the relationship of your body towards the floor. Pamana, means a gift to receive, is an innovative way to practice active postures in a dynamic restorative perspective, engaging subtle muscles and finding relaxation at the same time. Room is non-heated. Props will be used and Pamana adjustments will be done in class.

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