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Natalie White

Natalie White found yoga to be a natural progression after retiring from a 12 year career as a dancer in various shows on the Las Vegas strip. In her words “I needed to continue to move in some way and yoga seemed to fit that need, but I had no idea that the benefits would be much more than physical”. After practicing regularly on her own for many years, she began to notice that not only did it help her flexibility, core strength, and arm strength … it also seemed to help calm her mind in the midst of any chaos going on in her life. After having kids and a few big life changes, she started suffering from frequent panic attacks. The only “medicine” that ever helped cure that, was yoga, and she happily reports to rarely have them anymore. After seeing the many benefits yoga has to offer and how it helped her life, she took the plunge in 2012 to be certified to teach with a 200-hour course from It’s Yoga Training Center specializing in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She believes in constantly learning and continues expanding knowledge by attending various workshops and taking classes from all styles of teachers throughout the year. She expanded her teaching variety to also include teaching power flow, vinyasa flow as well as ashtanga type classes and also teaches Mixxedfit (a cardio dance inspired exercise class) at local gyms and studios. When not on the mat, she likes to spend time with her family and also has a portrait photography business.

Natalie White instructs the following:
  • All Levels Vinyasa Flow (Non-Heated)
  • Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic flowing yoga practice. Vinyasa literally translates to breath-sycronized movement and it is cardiovascular by nature. You will be guided to move and flow, connecting the postures together with the breath (inhale and exhale) to create a dance-like sequence or as some have called it, a "Moving Meditation".
    Temperature: 80 degrees
    Recommended: yoga mat, yoga towel, and water

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