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Stephanie Furstahl

Stephanie was born in Hungary. She moved to Las Vegas in 2013 from Sydney, Australia, where she had received her business and management diploma and coached Sydney’s National Aerobic Gymnastics Team (AUS). She began gymnastics when she was three years old back in Hungary. At the age of 10, Stephanie transformed to Aerobic Gymnastics—a specialized genre of Gymnastics which utilizes only the high-intensity, aerobic floor routine. She represented Hungary in the European and World Aerobics Gymnastics Championships, where she became world champion. Stephanie has been teaching Pilates since the age of 19. She is a highly-trained Certified 200RYT, TRX , Bootcamp and Children’s Instructor. Stephanie is the only Certified Aerobic gymnastics coach in Nevada. Her goal is to bring families together and encourage health and happines by showing kids how to Live the Life they Love.

“More than anything I just love to pass on all the knowledge and experience
I have gained from my years in the industry to as many people as possible!
I get such an amazing energy helping others live a life full of passion as I do.”


Stephanie Furstahl instructs the following:
  • TRX (Non-Heated)
  • The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.
    towel (for sweat)
    mat (optional)

  • Love Set (Heated)
  • This therapeutically sequenced class is set to 100-105 degrees, and 40 percent humidity. Students will enjoy a smart way of practicing Yoga. 
    Benefits include: strength increase, toned muscles, general sense of well being (physical and psychological) improved flexibility, increased mental clarity, detoxification (through sweating) alleviating many ailments such as stress, muscular pain, arthritis, insomnia, with the potential for weight loss.
    This class is encouraged for mixed level, and suited to any body type or practice level.
    Bring your own mat or rent one in the studio! A small bottle of water is recommended.

  • Hot Pilates
  • 95 degrees 
    40% humidity
    Balls, Bands and Blocks are used in this class to assist in creating proper form and to intensify certain exercises.  This class uses the technique of traditional mat pilates and the intensity of cardio intervals to create a whole body work out.  This class is designed for all levels. 
    Bring a yoga mat, water, and a mat towel (if desired). Be prepared to SWEAT.

  • Aerobic Gymnastics - Comp/Team
  • Kids Gymnastics!  Ages 6+
    Aerobic Gymnastics brought to you by Evolution Yoga. 
    Taught by world-winning coach, Stephanie Furstahl. 
    Liven up your child's summer with this fun-filled 2-hour class.

  • Hot Pilates FREE
  • Free Hot Pilates class taught by our new teacher trainees 

  • Pilates (Non-Heated)

  • Love Barre (Non-Heated)
  • Ballet-inspired fitness in a non-heated room. A full cardio workout that works the whole body, arms, hips, legs, and abs!  This class works your fine stabilizing muscles and is an excellent cross trainer for other movement arts! 

  • Recreational Kids' Aerobic Gymnastics
  • Level one intro class
    Kids (boys and girls ) from 6 years old can join one of the aerobic gymnastics groups.
    Teaching Dance with Basic Gymnastics.
    Call for more information our Champion instructor Stephanie Furstahl: 702/3437212

  • Non-Heated Pilates FREE

  • Glow in the dark with glow sticks. Hot Pilates Class in the dark. 95F , using the ball bend and dumbbells .
    Special edition with Stephanie Furstahl

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