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Yin (Non-Heated)

This class is taught by:

Celine Go

Celine started practicing Yoga in 2006, Inspired with the devotion she sees in Yoga, she fell in love with the practice without any expectations of any result only but to patiently "practice, practice, practice and leave it", as what her Husband and Yoga Teacher, Greg Go would always say. She continued to pursue her passion and dedication and took teacher trainings in Las Vegas and in California. She wanted to learn the mechanics of the body, how to approach different types of bodies so she can apply it in her classes, and also with her own personal practice. Celine's intentions were to share her love for the Yoga practice, approaching it in a way where people can connect with themselves in a whole deeper meaning. "You only need to show up on your mat and concentrate on you, so you can be a better you." As she would say.

Celine Go got her 200 hour TT with Annie Carpenter, creator of SmartFLOW and continues to work towards her 500 under the guidance of Annie, Rachael Sellars, and Tiffany Russo. Celine
has taken Work shops with senior teachers Matty Azraty, Tim Miller, Ashley Turner, and Kathryn Budig

Brigitta Baka

E-RYT 200

200 hour RYT Hot Yoga
200 hour RYT Power Vinyasa
Prenatal Vinyasa
Trauma Recovery Yoga
Hot Pilates Mat 1-2
Hot Sculpt
Mini Yogis / Yoga for Kids
Yin Yoga
Reiki Level 1-2

My life has been changed for the better, by yoga.

I have been teaching yoga Since 2014 Being a part of someone’s journey to become the best version of themselves has been one of my greatest accomplishment and reward...

I guide my students through Yoga practice to help them learn how to connect with their bodies with their breath with their own higher consciousness... Teaching yoga also makes me a better student... Yoga changes lives. It can make you both emotionally and physically healthier, stronger, and more balanced. Yoga can light the way to be more compassionate, more human. Yoga is not just an exercise, it's a way of life.

My personal goal is to grow in all ways possible , mental, physical, spiritual… Continue my education, learn as much as I can, reach my highest potential so I can continue helping others on their journey… Goal for my students is to build strength and balance both physically and mentally on and off the mat…

Believe you can and you will!!

Favorite pose


To find ease and a feeling of freedom in the pose, it might help to think about the myths behind Garudasana's name. Garuda, though often translated from the Sanskrit word meaning “eagle,” is actually a mythical bird in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. As the vehicle of the God Vishnu, Garuda is said to be the king of birds, is eager to help humanity fight against demons.

The eagle’s superior vision relates to the third eye chakra. The gift of clear sight relates directly to the concentration we develop in yoga. Clear vision exists when the mind is focused and calm. When we practice balancing poses like Eagle Pose, concentration is aided by fix­ing the eyes on one point.

The challenge of the Eagle Pose is twisting while balancing on one leg. This can be extremely difficult at first, but gradually we become more flexible and stronger. As we settle into the pose, our purpose becomes clearer. The third eye chakra (the seat of sight and intuition) opens, im­proving vision. Eagle Pose helps us to see what is important in life. Unfolding from the pose, our metaphorical wings spread, conveying a sense of lightness and a freedom from hindrances..

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." ~ Gandhi

Take a different perspective in your Yoga practice by changing the relationship of your body towards the floor. Pamana, means a gift to receive, is an innovative way to practice active postures in a dynamic restorative perspective, engaging subtle muscles and finding relaxation at the same time. Room is non-heated. Props will be used and Pamana adjustments will be done in class.

Upcoming classes:

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  • Fri Sep 08 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm with Celine Go
  • Sat Sep 09 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm with Eric Jeffers
  • Sun Sep 10 11:15 am - 12:15 pm with Celine Go

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